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It doesn’t get more Polish for breakfast than this. Make scrambled eggs, the best, fluffy results every time!

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Sometimes you just can't force yourself to eat. Early work, hangover, you name it. For these kinds of situations, you need not only nutrition, but also a meal that will be like a warm hug to your stomach. And scrambled eggs are exactly that.

Sometimes you just can’t force yourself to eat. Early work, hangover, you name it. For these kinds of situations, you need not only nutrition, but also a meal that will be like a warm hug to your stomach. And scrambled eggs are exactly that.

The most Polish out of all breakfast recipes out there.

After a night of heavy drinking, you can barely stand upright, not to mention ingesting anything that resembles food of any sort. Every sound is like a church bell ringing inside your head. And then, your friend comes in with a nonstick skillet in one hand and a spatula in the other. And you know it’s going to be a feast, as scrambled eggs are one of the best breakfasts for the state you are in. Soft, fluffy eggs, nearly pillowy, with enough fat to make your stomach stop grumbling. And they require little to no effort, you just have to crack the eggs, beat them, let them the eggs cook to form a curd on a medium-low heat, add salt and pepper, maybe some chives, and you are done. If your state allows it, you can add a toast with avocado on top. Pure bliss.

It is also one of the best dishes to start the day with, especially when there’s work waiting for you in the next hour. In Poland, you can get eggs done in a few ways in any milk bar (Polish-style diner) as part of the morning menu, and you can be sure scrambled eggs (jajecznica) are one of them. In my restaurant work days I remember eggs being one of the most popular among locals, leaving toasts with various toppings, shakshukas and other dishes far behind.

We eat far more eggs than cereals for breakfast, with only open-topped sandwiches coming right up as second-best choice. But these are cold, and who doesn’t like a warm meal for breakfast, right?

Whisk it, cook it, done! There’s nothing easier than scrambled eggs.

make fluffy scrambled eggs, eggs into a medium b owl, remove the pan from the heat,

You already know it’s easy. But do you know how easy are these? It takes just about 10 minutes, including any prep work, to serve a plate of scrambled eggs. And it can take just another minute to level up your breakfast game by adding a few tricks and remembering a few facts about your dish.

To make fluffy scrambled eggs, into a medium bowl go about three eggs per person. You can add another white for more protein or add another yolk for richness. While I’m more of a humble guy with macros in mind, my fiancée surely won’t miss a chance to add a yolk or two. Set your non-stick pan over medium-low heat. It will heat up to a perfect temperature while you do the prep work. It is best to keep them room temperature for quick and even cooking. Beat the eggs (or whisk the eggs, whatever is the correct form in your part of the world, we just say “ubijać” which is beating), salt them and set aside. If you are going for the full package, cut the ham and dice the onion, throw them both into the pan. Depending on the fat amount in the meat, you can decide to add a little bit of oil to the pan. Don’t go crazy with it, as more of it is coming soon. And eggs don’t really need any.

When the onion starts to sweat, add the beaten eggs, throw in some unsalted butter and start whisking every few seconds. You need to do this frequently until the eggs are done. If you leave them be, they will get dry and rubbery. A few minutes and they are done, quality breakfast every time. And one of the most versatile, too.

How to make perfect scrambled eggs? Use only the highest quality ingredients, go free range.

But making “just” scrambled eggs and making perfect scrambled eggs are two different things. By the rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients you are using, the better should be their quality to make the best of the food you put on the table. It doesn’t mean that you should go full on cattle feed when you prepare a meal of just the eggs and toast for more than eight people, but if you want your dishes to shine, try to shop for better quality if there’s more room for the ingredients to shine. And cooking scrambled eggs is one of these moments.

Let’s start with basics, the eggs. If you have the chance, go for the free range eggs. Visit your local farmers’ market, or ask for a better grade of eggs at your local shop. These chickens get more sunlight, better feed and if you go for the best quality, they probably go around the yard like they should instead of sitting inside for the whole day. When I switched from normal supermarket stuff, just by increasing the price I pay by 2-3 złoty (basically 70 cents) I got eggs that are far better in terms of flavour. Not to mentions they are usually fresher too.

Next, the onion. Sure, you can buy it, but why not grow it if you have the chance? Or get them at the same local farmers’ market as the eggs, to support local growers.

When it comes to ham, it gets more complicated. I typically don’t like stuff that is overwhelming in flavour for my eggs, I just use a plain ol’ pork loin, baked by my father. This way I know that it was made without any extra additives that I don’t want, and the meat quality is good.

And for the last part, the fat. You probably don’t need to stress about that tiny spoon of oil that goes into your eggs before you actually stir the eggs in, you can cook perfect scrambled eggs with just your typical neutral flavour oil you get at the supermarket. But with butter, that’s another story.

You can go two ways here. Pick up a fancy stick of craftsmanship, aka the pricey butter, or make it at home, as it is as easy as making scrambled eggs. There are plenty of tutorials for that. You just need the quality cream.

But now, you have quality ingredients. What about a few tricks then?

Butter in your egg mixture and more tricks to the best scrambled eggs, every time

You can learn how to make scrambled eggs, but adding milk or cream, shredded cheese and even a few spices, can make it better. Or at least different, because everyone likes their eggs a bit different.

Let’s start with whisking before vs. after putting the eggs into the pan. There are two schools and both boast being the best. There’s no difference in quality, just in the experience. You can cook the eggs beaten or scramble the eggs on the pan right when they start cooking. Just remember to keep the pan over low heat, otherwise you will end up with a weird sunny side up experiment.

If you feel like there’s something lacking in the texture department, you might want to consider adding milk or water. In my opinion, the latter is rather for the psychos out there, because it dilutes the flavour. But, well, you do you. Adding the former makes the eggs more dense, which is a good quality to have if you prefer them on a toast or as a part of a breakfast tortilla.

Do you feel like adding another step to your cooking process? Add the eggs into a bowl, beat them and then run them through a sieve instead of adding straight into the pan. This will ensure there are no lumps in your breakfast to ruin your day.

For the last part, something for those who can’t keep up to the tempo in the kitchen. If you ever feel the need to step out of the kitchen for a second, move your pan from the heat, and by lightly scraping with the spatula across the bottom of the pan, move the eggs into a pile on the side. They will continue cooking, but not all at once, and will use residual heat instead of the heat from the burner. It will give you a few minutes to chop something up or get a sip of coffee.

The best scrambled eggs recipe

polish scrambled eggs recipe

Polish Scrambled Eggs (Jajecznica)

Breakfast stample across the country, scrabled eggs are by far one of the most popular breakfast dishes.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Polish
Servings 2
Calories 450 kcal


  • 5 eggs
  • 50 g yellow onion
  • 100 g ham of choice
  • 1 tsp Polish herb mix - dill, marjoram, green parsley, lovage
  • salt & pepper to taste


  • Heat up the pan on medium-low heat. Don't overheat it or your eggs will be dry.
  • Beat up the eggs, salt them.
  • Cut the ham into small chunks, dice the onion. Throw them into the pan with a spoon of oil.
  • When the onion starts to get translucent, add the eggs and start mixing right away to avoid big lumps.
  • When the eggs are barely set, add pepper and herbs.
  • Serve right away, as scrambled eggs dry out easily. If you need to hold them on the pan for a second longer, tuck them into a corner.


Calories calculated WITHOUT ham, as everybody uses different meat parts.
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