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Hello, welcome to Polish Cuisine blog

If you like cooking hearty, inexpensive meals and like to learn something new once in a while, you will feel here at home. Polish people are known for their love for traditional cuisine. We even bring it to parties, because there’s no party like the one with homemade food.

Don’t worry though. You don’t have to be a professional to cook stuff that you can find here. Most of these recipes are traditional or semi-traditional and made as easy as possible, while keeping their originality. Treat them like your first steps in the kitchen. After all, we are not pasta police, we don’t bite (unless you are a plate of pierogi).

If you get lured by the smell in the kitchen, and want to learn more about what lies beyond pots and pans, look into recipes for Polish food about cooking tips we gathered from our moms, grandmas, and aunts. You can also check out our Instagram for some day to day stuff that made us smile very polish.